Wednesday, September 22, 2010

green among the grey

So this a fairly standard night for me here in Birkat Al-Mouz: home, splat for a bit, back to the kitchen to rock out to Taio Cruz while I clean up the malakhiyya---pick pick pick, a jillion little leaves on stems I plan to do something constructive and crafty with---soak, massage, rinse and plop in the pan.

Nights are already getting less hot here. This bodes well in most ways, except that with the coming of the less oven-like days returns the massive horde of mosquitoes outside, lurking to pester.

Oh well.

Malakhiyya: thin green leaves set all on stems, looks like any of my favorite kind of weeds, and deliciously goopy. Like it hung out with okra for a while and learned a lesson or two.

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