Monday, November 2, 2009

flicker-tastic wonder-day!

So today, convergences and accomplishments. I arrived on campus, and heard another round of Very Small mews, and sure enough, what looks to be Mabruuk's neice or nephew was there, lost and lonely in the decidedly not-kitten-friendly parking lot. I really can't swing taking care of another cat I did the next best thing I could think of, which was to go on a merry chase after said furball, underneath umpteen parked cars and into at least one wheel well, to finally get the claw-y spitster into my arms, and then we walked over to Cat Central.

Namely, where the men's and women's cafeterias converge around their kitchens...a place where there are always bunch of not-very-hungry-looking cats hanging out. Still felt weird, dropping a little kitten off on their own right there, but then the strangest thing happened. Said kitten meowed and meowed (as you might expect)...but then a mama cat showed up, with two or three kittens in tow, meowed back, and went over to him, and did NOT get all hissy and weird (as you might not expect). She turned and ran from there, but only because some people walked by---and she hung out, clearly concerned and interested. So I brought the kitten over to their safe corner, and the mama cat seemed to take h/her in right with the others: when last I looked, Parking Lot Kitten had already disappeared into the doorway (towards something kitchen-y and food-scrap[p]-y, I think) ahead of h/her apparent new crew. Hopefully that works out for all of them.

And then me, I got another chunk of bein' a foreigner formalities done today---yay!---and even confirmed that I now have, at long last, a functioning bank account. Woo hoo! Plus I got to gab for like an hour in Indonesian today.

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